The Ziggy Chair concept was the outcome of an assignment where inspiration had to be taken from a historical design movement or style. 
After researching, Finnish Mid-century Modern was chosen as the style that would influencing the piece.

Inspired by the Finnish designers Illmari Tapiovaara & Alvar Aalto the Ziggy chair has a mid century feel with its laminated plywood body which is then modernised with its matte black angular frame. The seat is angled back by 13° to give it a more lay-back feel and the rear legs are angled backwards to accentuate this look. 

The seat body would made from laminated beech veneer and the frame from aluminum, finished with a matte black powder coat. 3 supports connect the left and right legs together, the seat then sits on these and a connecting bracket joins 2 of the supports to the seat with countersunk bolt These brackets are rebated into the seat so they are flush and neat. 

The design was modeled and rendered in Solidworks.

Course: Associate Degree of Furniture Design - RMIT

Completion Date: September 2015