Dinco table & stools

The brief for this assignment looked into the political, social, historical and philosophical underpinnings of the furniture design discipline in a sustainable context and was based on socially responsible design. In conjunction with the Salvation Army Crisis Centre and Collingswood's Magpie Nest Housing Project an item of furniture had to be designed and manufactured at an affordable price to help newly settled tenants coming out of homelessness or hardship. 

The Collingswood's Magpie Nest Housing Project provides clients with quality and safe accomodation at reduced rates. The first phase of a joint initiative between the Collingwood Football Club Foundation and the Salvation Army has so far seen the establishment of 8 Magpies Nest Houses now operating in Melbourne with 24 beds. As part of this project eligible clients are able to apply for YPRAP (The Youth Private Rental Access Program), which is designed to assist young people and young people with children who are linked with homelessness support services and wish to establish and/or maintain private rental as a long term housing option.  YPRAP is a component of Creating Connections and has been developed in response to the additional barriers that young people who have experienced homelessness face when entering the private rental market.  

As part of this program a HEF (Housing Establishment Fund) is available, which is to help with the setup costs that are essential for the success of a tenancy. Depending on the individuals needs this grant could cover removalists and storage fees through to furniture and household goods. On average 65% of the funds are used for furniture.

The Dinco Table & Stool set was the end outcome of this project. Designed for small apartment living, versatility was the main focus. The Dinco set doubles as a dining or coffee table so it can be changed to suit the buyers needs which helps when the setup funds for a new home are limited. 

The piece is made from one sheet of 18mm film face plywood (1200mm x 2400mm) which is CNC cut to maximise time and efficiency. With film face ply only the edges need to be sanded and sealed minimising the the use for finishes which brings down the cost of the final product. The piece was designed to be easily changed from dining to coffee table with the use of 4 wing nuts and interlocking rail system, it can be assembled by hand, eliminating the need for tools. 

For more information on the services provided by the Salvation Army Crisis Centre and the Magpie Nest Housing Project click in the links below: